Artisan Meat Processing

Here at Calkins Acres, we specialize in custom processing of small ruminants, including sheep, goats, and deer. We are passionate about meat, especially locally sourced and sustainable meat.

Since we specialize in small ruminants, we’re able to focus on quality, freshness, and offering a wide variety of cutting options. Can you find any other local processors that offer to prepare lamb osso buco slices or split marrow bones? Will they take the time to remove all silver-skin from your venison and separate the top, bottom, and eye of round? We take pride in providing you with beautiful cuts prepared just the way you like them.

We process only one customer’s order at a time, so you can be certain that the meat you’ll receive is 100% yours. Plus, we always take the time to carefully trim all meat from each bone so that nothing is wasted.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Every animal is treated humanely and with the utmost respect.
  2. You will never find bones fragments or hair in your meat.
  3. Your meat can be processed and ready for pickup in as little as 24 hours.
  4. You always get your meat back, not someone else’s.
  5. Your meat will be cut, aged, and packaged exactly how you like it.
  6. Every cut will be ready to season and cook. No trimming necessary!
  7. We offer animal pickup and meat delivery!


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Lamb Processing

The demand for high quality, locally processed lamb that doesn’t cost a fortune is what got us started in the meat business. We’re passionate about lamb, and we look forward to providing you and your family with restaurant quality cuts.

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Goat Processing

We make every effort to process and package your goat exactly the way you want it. Give us a call to schedule your goat processing today!

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Venison Processing

Expert venison processing is available only during Michigan deer season. We offer a huge variety of cutting options, and venison processing can be completed in as little as 24 hours.

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Roaster Rental

Our whole rotisserie roasters are available for rent. They hold one lamb, goat, or pig on an motorized spit, with plenty of grilling surface below for burgers or other sides. Perfect for graduation parties and other large gatherings.

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